First blog post and welcome

Welcome to my new website and blog!

This is an invitation for you to view the progress of my work, my research and the projects I’m involved with.  

I created limited edition Drypoint print (detail below) I created a couple of weeks ago, ‘Hare and Tortoise’. Influenced by my research in to the Slow Movement, Mindfulness and Neuroplascity; a body of work I have been avidly researching since completing my MFA last July. This piece depicts aspects of frantic times to those more elusive calm moments. I created this as a representation of the way Cortisol (the stress hormone) runs riot when a person is under pressure and the hoped for subsequent calmness and clarity. It is a representation of the physical internal response. I have subsequently created a mixed media piece, of the same name and same motifs, which will be shown at The Other Art Fair from April 23rd, 2015.


Hare and tortoise print close-up 2015

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  1. Rui Pereira
    April 9, 2015 at 7:18 pm

    Wow… sooooo nice

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